We utilize a wide variety of equipment

EMCO Chemical Packaging utilizes many types of advanced equipment in order to quickly and efficiently fill, label, package, and palletize your product.

  • Cap Torque Testers 
  • In-line Case Checkweighers 
  • Case Erectors 
  • Case Packers 
  • Cold Glue Roll Labelers 
  • Flexspout Crimpers 
  • Heat Induction Sealers 
  • Hot Melt Case Sealers 
  • Hot Melt Full Wrap Oblong Labeler 
  • Ink Jet Carton Bar Coders 
  • Ink Jet Container Date Coders 
  • Net Weight Liquid Fillers
  • Nitrogen Purgers 
  • Open Head Pail Lid Crimper 
  • Paint Can Lidders 
  • Piston Fillers 
  • Plug Cappers 
  • Pressure Sensitive Front/Back and Full Wrap Labelers 

  • Screw Cappers 
  • Stretch Wrappers 
  • Tape Case Sealers 
  • Volumetric Liquid Fillers
  • In-house Full Color Pressure Sensitive Label Printing
  • In Line Tamp Labelers

  • Robotic Palletizing and Pallet Wrapping

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